Ways to Remove Old Wax from Your Car

People asking how to remove old wax from car when it is the time to re-wax the car. Here I got several ways from friends, but me myself always re-wax my car after washing the car 5 or 6 times. In average I wash my car once a week. I just directly re-wax it. But when I get a little bit extra time I will do the polishing then waxing after washing the car. We know there are 3 steps in maintaining car exterior, look at 3 Steps for Car Paint Detailing. But I will do the first step if only my car need it because It is not really good for car painting. So here is some several steps when you want to remove old wax before applying a new one. To be honest, I Haven't try all of them so if you really need it just go with the way or use my way.
1. Use the dishwashing liquid
Some people use the dishwashing liquid. It is logic thing as dish washing liquid really remove all the dirt, fat, grease, etc. That's why we use it for dish. So we can say wax is substance that contain high grease. So it is logically very possible if dishwashing liquid could remove the old wax. But I recommend you to directly do waxing after you wash your car. If no, Can you imagine your skin at hot place without any conditioner. That's is how our car without waxing after you wash using the liquid.
2. Paint Cleansing Lotions
This could be product such as P21s, Pinnacle, etc. I think this is the safest way because manufacturers claim one of their product ability is to remove old wax and protecting your paint and make it ready for waxing procedure. So may you use this method to remove the old wax. Me myself not use this product because it will be too much bottle of car care product at my garage. Can't hold it.
3. Paint Abrasive Polishes / Swirl Removers
Some of the product is 3M, Menzerna, Meguiar's, etc. This is same with polishing which has a little abrasive characteristic for the paint.
4. Paint Preps ---
Such as 3M, Detro, Klean-Strip Prep-All, etc. Just another one of the ways. A liitle bit the same with paint cleansing lotions, it make your car painting ready to be waxing with new wax.
5. AIO Waxes
Some of them are Meguiar's, Zymol, Mothers, etc. AIO or All In One waxes like to claim that they are multi-purpose cleaner. However I think this is just the same with my way which is directly re-wax the the old-wax.
So pick one of the way and start waxing your car.
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  6. Cars are rather expensive modes of transportation. We want to keep it clean to keep it always looking in good condition. We make sure it is waxed to keep it very shiny and looking like brand new all the time.

  7. The biggest advantage to polish is that it will shine a lot longer and water will continue to bead for up to a year. Wax, on the other hand, needs to be applied much more frequently and can actually melt if it gets hot enough, particularly on flat surfaces, like the roof and hood, which are exposed the most to the sun.